When you launch a new website for your business, it can be frustrating if you don’t seem to be generating any new leads from it. There can be many reasons for this but I have highlighted two ways that you can start to gain some traction online in your local area.

Optimize local SEO

Don’t neglect local SEO. Most consumers search for local businesses via their smartphones every week, and some as often as every day. Without local SEO, your business isn’t showing up. The importance of showing up in local searches cannot be overemphasized.

To start optimizing your website for local SEO, take this test: Search for services your business offers in your service area. Search for your actual business. See what comes up. Make sure you claim and combine all Google listings for your business. Register your business on large and local directories such as Google, Bing and your local Chamber of Commerce. Check for other industry or city directives on which you can register.

Additionally, be sure that your site shows your contact information, including your address and phone number. Format it properly so that Google recognises it as a phone number and allows direct calls from the listing. This makes it easier for customers to reach you.

Consider PPC and social media ads

Recent Facebook changes have caused many marketing headaches, but it’s not the first time changes have rocked social media marketing. Those familiar with Facebook have watched as users’ feeds have migrated from organic posts to paid content. The newest updates mean that posts have even less organic reach than just a few years ago. The only way around feed algorithms is through paid advertising. Paid advertising allows you to target your audience, their interests and demographics to put your posts in front of those most likely to be interested.

PPC, or pay per click, is part of search engine marketing. Together with SEO, it allows your business to target specific keywords. It provides immediate results and analytics while allowing you a great deal of control. Plus, you can use what you have learned about relevant keywords and their effectiveness for your SEO. In addition, use geotargeting to appear only to relevant prospects. PPC is one of the most effective ways to test the effectiveness of your website to sell and the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2018/06/25/small-businesses-follow-these-three-critical-steps-to-see-immediate-online-results/#2a99f1a279cb

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